Please join a representative of Baker & Taylor Books for a presentation
of their newest offering--E Books.
 TIME: Jan. 14, 2004--9:30--11:30 and 1:30--3:30
 Place: FLICC/FEDLINK Training Room, Adams Bldg. Room 216.
 Register: Please call (202)707-4800 to register for either session.
Please redistribute this announcement to your colleagues within your
respective organizations.

Overview of ED eBook Delivery System:

eBooks, the newest format of "book," are now available through
Baker & Taylor's ED (eContent Delivery) system. Our strong publisher
relationships have been just one of the factors of our success in
delivering books to libraries for over 175 years. Now, Baker & Taylor
Books can provide not only the actual eBook to libraries and patrons,
but the patron interface utility as well.

Through ED, patrons will be able to access the library's eBook
database online, through an internet connection, either from within one
of the library's buildings, or remotely anywhere an internet
connection is available.
Baker & Taylor handles all of the technology and hosts the library's
eBooks from its servers, providing the stability and security of an
established leader in the library market. ED provides all the necessary
tools to manage the library's eBook collection. Sophisticated and
robust search options, customizable library and patron level features,
integration with the ILS and OPAC, as well as a range of management
reports make the ED system an invaluable tool.

Read eBooks Online or Offline

eBooks checked out by patrons may be read either online or downloaded
through the use of ADOBE Reader 6.0 to a laptop/desktop PC.  The patron
is also able to then "downlink" the eBook to a hand-held device
running under the Palm Operating system.  Downlinks to other PDA devices
will be available shortly.  ADOBE Reader 6.0 is a free software package
so there is no cost to patrons.

James W. Oliver
FEDLINK Vendor Services Coordinator
Library of Congress
Washington, DC 20540-4935
V-(202)707-4960, F-(202)707-4955
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