Hello everyone,

I'm new to the list so sorry if this has been asked before ...

Could anyone please point me to examples of MODS records that have been
created for digital reproductions/surrogates of hard copy items -
particularly texts? The example records on the MODS website all relate
either to original analogue resources such as books or maps or to born-
digital resources.

I'm thinking primarily of digital texts (e.g. a keyed version of a modern
edition of a Shakespeare play). But also digital images of photographs or
slides of original art works.

The AHDS is attempting to bring resources of different types into a single
cross-searchable metadata structure and it is important that we maintain a
distinction between details that relate to a digital item and those that
relate to the original upon which it is based. The relevant part of the
MODS user guidelines is presumably:

<relatedItem type="original">
  <name type="personal">
    <namePart>Frederick, John</namePart>

I guess this could either form part of the MODS record for the digital item
or placed within a linked separate record that relates to the original?

Any full examples would be useful.

Thanks in advance,
Malcolm Polfreman