We are working on the revision to the MODS guidelines for version
3.0. "recordOrigin" is a new element in this version under
recordInfo.  Here is a draft definition that will be included in the
guidelines (may be revised a bit, but this is the thrust of it):

This is intended to show the origin, or provenance of the MODS
record. This might include what methods were used to prepare it (machine
generated or human prepared), what transformations had been applied
(e.g. the result of converting an existing MARC 21 record to MARCXML and
to MODS). It could be free text or an institution could establish locally
controlled values for machine processing and consistency.


On Wed, 28 Jan 2004, Ruth Bogan wrote:

> Hi, All--
> Can someone give me a definition of  "recordOrigin" ?
> Thanks.
> Ruth
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