As part of an OAI data provider project, I'm converting photo gallery
metadata from a proprietary metadata format into MODS. So far everything
looks promising, except for a small detail related to the use of the
subject element. One of the metadata records describes a photograph of a
church named "Vang kirke" ("the church of Vang"), and this should somehow
be reflected in the <subject> element. My current proposal is:


But I'm wondering whether it's also appropriate to regard "Vang kirke" as
a <name>, or if this is misuse of the <name> element? In my opinion it is
a name, but at the same time I'm doubting since it doesn't fit into any of
the name type categories (personal, corporate, conference).

The reason why I want to describe the church as a <name>, is that I want
to keep the connection between the name and the fact that it is depicted
on the photography (this connection is described in the original
metadata). My new proposal is:

  <namePart>Vang kirke</namePart>

Is it possible to do it this way, or is this way of using the name/role
elements wrong? I realize that the role - depicted - is a very passive
one, if hardly a role at all. If my proposal is incorrect (which I have a
feeling of), how could/should I describe this connection.

All hints and tips are appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Sincerely yours,
Eskil H. Solvang,
Norwegian University of Science and Technology (