Yeah, that's it (sorry if I was rambling).  The contents are just a
subject or name (or two, one in the native script and one
transliterated, say).  There could be some annotation in <note> elements
as well.

I was sure I'd seen the notion somewhere before...I found it in the
v2.0 outline of MODS elements.  <titleInfo> XLinks pointed to uniform
title authority records, <name> XLinks pointed to name authority
records.  This suggested usage no longer appears in the v3.0 outline of
elements or user guidelines.

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Andy, I had a bit of trouble following this, so let me try to rephrase
and you can tell me how far off I am ;-).

It sounds to me like you are talking about creating MODS records that
fulfill the role of authority records, i.e. that have just a name or
just a subject?