On Jan 23, 2004, at 1:03 PM, Kevin S. Clarke wrote:

> How would you distinguish between "L" and
> "Le" unless you maintained a list of all possible articles in your
> stylesheets (like you mention)?  This seems like a lot of unnecessary
> complexity.  Treating as attribute with space, as others have
> mentioned,
> greatly simplifies this:
> <title nonSort="L">...</title>
> <title nonSort="Le ">...</title>
> To me, the space is content, just as spaces between words are content,
> not just a matter of display (which is what I would want a stylesheet
> to
> handle).

You raise a good point, which perhaps brings us back to Roy's position,
which is starting to look like the most simple/elegant solution.

But while I recognize you're logic, does this suggest one ought to have
the following?

    <given>Jane </given>
    <other>Q. </other>