Right, of course we can (and should) strip [electronic resource] out of
the title before populating our MODS <title> tag, but perhaps instead I
should have pointed out that it is also prominent in examples of the
<title> tag on the MODS web site:

        <title>Bush Cheney [electronic resource]</title>

I guess that's my _real_ gripe -- that if we are specifying a standard
we should do it more cleanly than that, rather than grandfathering in
kluges from the past.

On Jan 23, 2004, at 10:31 AM, Karen Coyle wrote:

> The [electronic resource] comes from the 245 $h. Since the material
> designation is the only content of that subfield, you could just not
> carry that subfield over to the MODS record. It really isn't part of
> the
> title itself, and I know that we always dropped it from indexing and
> from our title browse displays.
> kc
> On Fri, 2004-01-23 at 10:10, Andrew E Switala wrote:
>> In <nonSort> and <title>, and further in <subTitle>, <partNumber>, and
>> <partName>.  The "title" is everything in <titleInfo> and marking up
>> individual parts of the title should assist processing and display,
>> not
>> hinder it.
>> In your example, what *is* [electronic resource] doing in <title>?
>> It's *your* record after all.  An electronic resource could be marked
>> as
>> such with <genre authority="marcgt">web site</genre>, a <url> element
>> under <location>, an <internetMediaType> element under
>> <physicalDescription>, and/or an <identifier type="uri"> (if the
>> location is canonical).
>>>>> [log in to unmask] 2004-01-23 12:49:04 >>>
>> Frankly, I find it strange to have a <title> tag that is no such
>> thing.
>> In other words, the <title> cannot be found in the <title>, it must be
>> found in <nonSort> (if such exists) and <title>. How intuitive is
>> that?
>> But if that is the collective wisdom of the group, I can live with it.
>> Meanwhile, to use a local example, this is a sample from one of our
>> MODS records for our online books (see
>> <>:
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