On Jan 28, 2004, at 10:25 AM, Andrew E Switala wrote:

> Right, that's not schema valid, and I don't know what the semantics
> would be if it were.  I mean, what are you trying to express with such
> a
> construct (that wouldn't be better expressed using <relatedItem>)?

I'm embedding it in a document.  I've been playing with how to handle
coding a CV in XML, where I want to be able to use MODS metadata for
publications and presentations.  This perhaps works better, though, but
is the same idea:

   <publications base="">
     <publication linkend="pb-bd-2004a"/>
     <publication linkend="pb-bd-2003a"/>
     <publication linkend="pb-bd-2003b"/>
     <publication linkend="pb-bd-2000a"/>