On Jan 22, 2004, at 11:55 AM, Karen Coyle wrote:

> ... my preference would be for there to be a title element and an
> otherTitle element, and that the attributes be on otherTitle with
> title being understood to be the main title (or the simplest case
> thereof).

Can you give a marked up example Karen?  One of the nice things about
the current situation is that you can have:

    <title>A Long Title that Could be Shortened</title>
<titleInfo type="abbreviated">
    <title>A Long Title</title>

I'm trying to figure out how what you're suggesting would work in this

While we're at it, I've been thinking about name-markup a lot, because
it's so critical for citations.  Leaving aside that I wish MODS used
element names instead of attributes for family, given, etc., I do have
a suggestion: an attribute to indicate abbreviation on the namePart
element.  I also think element order is going to be important


<name type="personal">
    <namePart type="given">Jane</namePart>
    <namePart abbrev="yes">Q</namePart>
    <namePart type="family">Doe</namePart>

The Q above is of course commonly (in the U.S.) understood as a middle
initial.  It seems a lot of people I've been talking to are saying the
best way to handle names is to use family, given and other.  I am
suggesting the latter could be accomplished in MODS by leaving off the

A corporate name:

<name type="corporate">
    <namePart abbrev="yes">FBI</namePart>
    <namePart>Federal Bureau of Investigation</namePart>

The problem with the above is that, unlike with titleInfo, one cannot
separate out an abbreviated name from a non-abbreviated one.  It has
other benefits though.

In the end, I suppose this is how I'd do things if I was designing a
new schema:

<creator role="editor">
    <person ID="doej">
        <other abbrev="yes">Q</other>
        <termOfAddress>Duke of X</termOfAddress>
        <full>Sir John Q. van Doe, Duke of X</full>
      <note>some notes ...</note>

The advantage is that role is separated from the person, and person
from name, allowing additional elements to be wrapped in there as well
that are apart from "names."  This is a bit beyond the realm of MODS,

I'd prefer to be able to leave off the articular, but the goal -- it
seams to me -- ought to be name representation that can be handled
purely via an XSLT processor.  Stuff like van and von and such (e.g.
those things that function sort of like nonSort in titles) don't
satisfy that goal if grouped with family names.