On Jan 23, 2004, at 12:49 PM, Roy Tennant wrote:

> I find it strange to have a <title> tag that is no such thing.
> In other words, the <title> cannot be found in the <title>, it must be
> found in <nonSort> (if such exists) and <title>. How intuitive is that?

Not very :-)

OK, so let's run with Roy's suggestion, which would get us (using his 
example, and leaving aside the sub-subtitle, and getting rid of the 
AAR2 cruft):

    <title>A shield in space?</title>
    <titleSub>technology, politics, and the strategic defense 
initiative: how the Reagan Administration set out to make nuclear 
weapons "impotent and obsolete" and succumbed to the fallacy of the 
last move</subTitle>
    <titleSort>shield in space?</title>
    <titleAbbrev>A shield in space?</titleAbbrev>

And to go back to one of Karen's examples:

<titleInfo xml:lang="ar">
    <title>al Arabah al dhahabīyah lā taṣʻad</title>
    <titleSort>Arabah al dhahabīyah lā taṣʻad</titleSort>

That solves the spacing issue, and it also makes processing brain-dead 

One problem is that the titleTrans element precludes, for example, 
subtitles on other language titles.  For that reason, is it not better 
to have that in a separate titleInfo element?