Good afternoon, Everyone--

Rutgers is involved in building the New Jersey Digital Highway (, and we have decided to throw our lot in with MODS for descriptive metadata in our Fedora repository.I have a couple of questions:

1. For administrative reasons, we have chosen to designate a single primary title for each of our resources, and allow multiple alternate titles. That means that "title" can appear once, and "title" with type="alternative" can repeat. Apparently, there's a functional problem caused locally by not having a value for type with the nonrepeating "title" element in our configuration. Since the use of type is optional anyway, is there any reason not to have a type="main" or some similar term?

2. It looks as if the relatedItem structure can be used to designate that a resource is a part of a collection or collections. It appears that type="host" might be the right choice for this. Is that how you see this? I'm asking because the term "host" makes us a bit uneasy. 

Sorry if these are questions that have been asked already. I'm a fairly new member of the list.

Looking forward to your insights.


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