**News Flash from the Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division**

The greatly expanded selection of National Child Labor Committee
(Lewis Hine) photographs were added to the Prints and Photographs
Online Catalog <> this morning.

Starting today the online collection...

- features the entire collection of NCLC photographic prints and glass
   negatives (5,100+ images and records--up from the 500 or so items
   with copy negatives formerly presented online);

- provides high resolution scans that enable you to peer at details
   in the photos in a way that was not so possible formerly;

- includes new bibliographic records that consist of the often
   detailed captions transcribed from the caption cards that came
   with the collection; the captions should enrich keyword searching
   of the captions; presently the records have only geographical
   subject indexing, but plans are underway for adding topical
   subjects, as well;

- includes in the "About the Collection" a sample report from the
   Manuscript Division, with links inserted to retrieve the
   associated images in the Prints & Photographs division, as
   a demonstration of how textual and visual portions of the NCLC
   records fit together

With this update, a new version of the Prints & Photographs
Online Catalog "All Records" search screen
also became available, using the layout and "Preview" offerings
that are part of a screen redesign being phased in slowly.