What an amazing group we have.

Read here < > about the winners of
the 2004 The Institute for Library and Information Literacy Education
grants.  American Memory Fellow, Susan Allen (Director of Libraries &
Academic Technology, Nichols School, Buffalo, NY) , was half of the
grant-winning team for the New York project.  And the team is already
underway in their research.

Niagara University [Niagara University, NY]
Preparing Pre-service Teachers to Use Library and Information Resources to
Enhance Teaching:
Studying the Collaboration Between an Education Faculty Member and School
Library Media Specialist

This Institute for Library Information Literacy Education grants (out of
Kent State Univ, in Ohio) are funded by the Institute for Museum and
Library Services (IMLS) < >, a federal government
agency that exists to provide networking opportunities and award grants for
library and museum research and projects.  It's a smart place to watch for
funding opportunities.