On 04/02/04, Steve Ramm wrote:

> So I went to look for a new one. I went to Circuit City and Best Buy
> web sites and looked under CD players. They don't make single players
> anymore but rather the 5 CD carousel players which a a bit bigger than
> mine but acceptable. There is a Sony and an RCA and a JVC That's it!
> And Best Buy is out of TWO of them. The Sony has no remote! Yeesh!

Amazon have a category Electronics -> Audio and Video -> CD Players.

I notice some Teac players there which are plain CD players and within
your (very low) price range.

Note that the brand name on the box tells you nothing about who designed
the unit or where it was made or how good it is - at least, not until
you get up into the professional or audiophile market. A Teac, a JVC and
a Sony could all be made in the same factory in China.

> I know you can play CDs and CD-Rs on a DVD/CD/CDR player and these are
> cheap but I don't have a TV set in the room and like the idea of a
> display and other info on the player. Many DVD players only have on
> screen info. Besides I don't need many of the buttons on the DVD
> remote.

DVD players tend to give inferior sound on CDs.

> As I know Archives need CD players, though they will probably spend
> more than the $100.00 or less that I want, does anyone have any
> recommendations? Are we down to just 3 brands and models? I have my
> boom box one and my Discman but I want one that hooks into my Receiver
> and looks okay.

Well, I bought a good CD player at around ten times the price you want
to play, and it's worth it. There are better ones at higher prices.

When I buy an audio box, I want it to last for more than a couple of

> Any ideas? (I need to look for a new audio cassette deck soon too.
> Boy, I'll bet that will be fun as well.)

I doubt you will find a new cheap one, but there is a lot of good
condition used audio equipment around.

Don Cox
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