At 04:35 PM 2/5/2004 -0500, Steven C. Barr wrote:

>Any ideas? (I need to look for a new audio cassette deck soon too. Boy, I'll
>bet that will be fun as well.)

What you need depends on the sort of listening you plan to do and how
critical you are of the sound quality. For many purposes, a mobile player
is a good choice and you may want one which will also play MP3s (and,
usually, WMAs and related files). They will not match up well with the rest
of your audio system and are unlikely to deliver the highest fidelity, but
they're hard to beat for economy and flexibility. Needless to say, you'll
want one with AC power and, probably, remote control. They exist and are
not expensive.

High-end players are readily available in audio shops offering enhanced
audio quality in regions many cannot appreciate and on recordings some of
us are not likely to play. If you want to get the best from
highest-fidelity sources, you may want to look for SACD drives since they
are also likely to have advanced audio processing for CD - and
corresponding prices.

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