Hi all, I am new to reading discographies and was wondering if there are certain discographical "standards" for notation and structure of an entry.  For example a title  entry such as:
LA TRAVIATA (Giuseppe Verdi / Francesco M. Piave), II/ 5: Duetto (Germont) "Pura siccome un angelo" <1>
I can figure a few things out "La Traviata" is the title, Verdi wrote the music, Piave wrote the (words?) what does II/5 mean and the rest? what does <1> mean?
For an Artist entry:
Premier (mV4) [John H. Bieling (T), Billy Murray (T), Steve C. Porter (Bar), William F. Hooley (Bs)], (O)
Again, some of these notations I can guess.
Any way, I didnt know if there was a book somewhere that detailed these notations and if there are "generally accepted" standards for these notations, or if they are completely at the diecretion of the discographer.

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