The spools used in VHS video tapes are close to those dimensions, cheap and
readily available.  You also have a choice of hub diameter as the tapes of
shorter duration have larger hubs than the 3-hour tapes.  Spools from the
earlier "video cartridge" format have similar dimensions but are harder to

Good luck

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We are currently working on 1cm wide superconducting tape at the
Superconducting Technology Center here at Los Alamos National Lab. We are
having trouble finding tape reels to archive tape samples ten to twenty
meters long. Here are the dimensions that would be ideal, .4" wide to .5"
wide between the flanges, 1" to 2" hub diameter, and 3.25" total diameter of
flanges. Any material would be acceptable, plastic preferred. Do they

make anything like this? Who would be a good vendor for this type of item?
Any help you can offer is appreciated.

John Sullard
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