Dootsie Williams got his start in the record business with Blue Records
using black talent like Billy Mitchell and Hattie Noel. Building on that
success he started Duotone and was one of the first to tape live comedy
and issue it on LP. He claimed to have invented the party record, which
he clearly did not but he certainly updated the concept for microgroove.
His albums were hugely popular at rent parties and among people who were
far too poor to own a TV in the 1950's.

The Kinsey Institute at Bloomington has some 78 RPM party records and
may have some information for you.
-David Diehl
visit The Blue Pages: The Encyclopedic Guide To 78 RPM Party Records

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The best of them are arguably by black comedians like Redd Foxx,
Pigmeat Markham and later Rudy Ray Moore. I suggest
the Dootone label from California as a good starting place
for this kind of stuff.

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> Hi - my name is Jacob Smith, I'm new to the list. I'm getting my PhD
> media studies at Indiana University and I've been doing some writing
> and
> research on "blue discs" or "party records": under the counter
> phonograph records made between the 1930s and 50s. Information on
> records is very hard to find. I'm wondering if anyone on the list
> have any information or ideas about these? I'm looking for info
> who
> was making them, who was selling them, who was buying them and the
> context
> in which they were heard, etc. Any help would be greatly
> Thanks for your time.
> Jacob Smith