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I guess I am remarking at the trend.  It has taken only a few years for the
selection of tapes and machines available to be somewhat limited.  I have a
feeling that this trend may accelerate.

When I saw the original post I was incredulous since it seemed to me that the
last time I was in Walmart, about a month ago, there were plenty of VHS
machines on the shelf.  However this Monday I revisited Walmart and found only
three of the lowest priced, non-HI-FI units left!

There were a couple of dual DVD-VHS units but many varieties of DVD only
players. Acceleration may not be the word, more like crash landing.

This will probably be repeated when DVD is replaced by whatever technology
becomes HDTV capable in a few years.

When Kodak came out with the "one use" film cameras I thought this was just a
gimmick, but now it looks as if all A/V technology is going to be practically
one use only. What happened to preserving your "priceless family memories"
for future generations?

Mike Csontos