The audio cassette deck may be tough.

I have bought DVD players for as little as $40 (still waiting on the rebate
though) on-line and seen same in stores on sale. For that little money I
can't complain. I now have 2 DVD players and 1 burner.

My first CD player was a GE, no remote, single tray, on sale at Federated
for about 3-400 $$$ or so. It died wanting for nothing more than a belt.

p.s. Have you cleaned your lens on the old player?

Joe Salerno
Video Works! Is it working for you?
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Subject: [ARSCLIST] CD Player Question

> I must have really missed a whole era of CD players. Maybe some of you
> ideas. My single CD Sony Player was purchased about 15 years ago and has
> worked great. It's smaller than my receiver and part of my Stereo system
> which is in my listening room.
> Only recently did it start acting strange on some CD and I found that it
> do to two things: It won't play all CD-Rs which I'm receiving and it was
> made to play CDs over 70 minutes or so and the later tracks skip or jump
> So I went to look for a new one. I went to Circuit City and Best Buy web
> sites and looked under CD players. They don't make single players anymore
> rather the 5 CD carousel players which a a bit bigger than mine but
> There is a Sony and an RCA and a JVC That's it! And Best Buy is out of TWO
> them. The Sony has no remote! Yeesh!
> I know you can play CDs and CD-Rs on a DVD/CD/CDR player and these are
> but I don't have a TV set in the room and like the idea of a display and
> info on the player. Many DVD players only have on screen info. Besides I
> don't need many of the buttons on the DVD remote.
> As I know Archives need CD players, though they will probably spend more
> the $100.00 or less that I want, does anyone have any recommendations? Are
> down to just 3 brands and models? I have my boom box one and my Discman
but I
> want one that hooks into my Receiver and looks okay.
> Any ideas? (I need to look for a new audio cassette deck soon too. Boy,
> bet that will be fun as well.)
> Thanks!
> Steve Ramm