Here are two nice clean Victor catalogs on EBAY:

1943 Catalog of Victor and Bluebird records
Red Seal, Victor and Bluebird records "The Music America Loves Best"
Over 500 pages, this HUGE catalog has a variety of alphabetically listed
sections including Orchestras, Vocal Artists, Composers etc., and a title
index of the records produced by Victor.  It contains cover photos of many
of the album sets available in 1943, and is a storehouse of information
about RCA Victor's recorded music offerings not seen in other similar
catalogs of the era.

This gently used book is in excellent condition, its binding is intact and
pages are in clean condition.  As with any 60+ year old book like this, the
edges of the pages are browned but not brittle.

1924 catalog of Victor Records
This scarce 80 year old book contains listings of Victor's Black and Blue
label records that were available at the time.  It is a strictly alphabetical
listing by title and artist making it easy to find what you are looking for,
and includes pictures of artists of the day with biographical sketches of
them, and a detailed listing of Dance records is included, broken out by type.

Its pages are un-numbered but I estimate it contains over 100 pages.  This
book is in excellent condition, its binding is intact and pages are in clean
un-deteriorated condition.  There is a small slight stain on the very edge of
the pages, but doesn't extend into the page and for the most part, can't be
seen with the page open.  The cover is embossed with the "His Master's Voice"
logo with Nipper.

... Graham Newton

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