I don't have it in front of me, but I think the Goldmine pricing guide
to Jazz records mentions three or four 16 2/3 RPM Prestige Issues. One
of them was supposed be by Miles Davis, I'm pretty sure. These must be
very rare.


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>I used to own the following Prestige 16 RPM LP:

MJQ     CONCORDE - (16 RPM)     PRESTIGE        1

As I recall Prestige had one or two other titles at this speed.


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>>  Does anyone out there have any firsthand knowledge of how
extensively 16
>>  2/3 rpm was used on 12" vinyl for music (as opposed to spoken
word)? I
>>  in front of me 2 VOX XL series records, each of which contains 4
>>  length romantic concerti (one has liner notes claiming "1 hour 48
>>  40 seconds of music").
>>  Any comments or info would be appreciated.
>>  Peter Hirsch
>>  NYPL