I guess I am remarking at the trend.  It has taken only a few years for the selection of tapes and machines available to be somewhat limited.  I have a feeling that this trend may accelerate.  In particular, whereas a few years ago there were a number of different types of VHS tape around, the choice today is considerably limited.  I know you can get machines and media from specialty sources, but when locally available stuff is vanishing, the handwriting would seem to be on the wall. FBS

vdalhart wrote:
    I don't know where you live, but VHS players are all over the place
here.  From very cheap prices to some fairly fancy prices too.  In addition
they are now marketing combination DVD/VHS players to catch the undecided.
Jack P.

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The discussions engendered by these two threads are what I love about
this list!  Where else would you discuss things like this? In response
to Don Cox's thought that cassette players might be around for another
50 years, I would make the observation that VHS tapes were sold by the
jillions and you used to see  6 or 7 different brands at places like
BJ's and Sam's Club. Now you're lucky if they carry even one. Also, the
machines have certainly gotten dirt cheap, but they're not nearly as
available. How long before you'll only be able to get a machine on eBay?