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> I was thinking about baseball songs the other day &checked my New
> Entertainment Discography to determine if Jack Norworth had recorded Take Me Out To
> The Ball Game &was surprised to find it not listed.  Assuming that I didn't
> overlook the entry, or that it wasn't accidentally omitted in the book, does a
> version by him exist?
> What other artists DID do it commercially on acoustic disk or cylinder?
> Best,
>  Shiffy
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There are several versions that were recorded in 1908: Harvey Hindermyer on
Columbia 3917 (single-faced, 1908). Also issued on A586 (double-faced, 1909)
and United A586 (with the enlarged center hole).

Also in 1908 was a version by Fred Lambert on Zonophone 1185 (single-faced)
and 5371 (double-faced) and by Edward Meeker on an Edison 2-minute wax cylinder

The Haydn Quartet did a version on Victor 5510 (single-faced) in 1908 as

The next one to come along didn't happen until the electric era in 1929 by
the Dan Hornsby Novelty Quartet on Columbia 15444-D. Nothing more until 1938 and
then a floodwater of versions.

I have not seen references to Norworth recording the song at all. Interesting
footnote: Norworth's first visit to a major league ballpark didn't occur
until 1942 when he visited Ebbets Field in Brooklyn.

Cary Ginell
Sound Thinking Music Research
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