Funny you should mention this now, since I'm not in a rush, I'll let you know
that I have a search on eBay set to email me for "Studer Hybrid" (not in quotes
in the actual search).

Gentner makes/made some good ones. Since I have a large collection of other
Studer things, I'm looking for their hybrid as well.

You're best off hooking both directions to the console so your outgoing audio
goes into the hybrid and the incoming audio comes back to your system. Do NOT
use a phone with the hybrid.

If you're not doing this live to air, record outgoing on one track and incoming
on a separate track.





Richard L. Hess

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> Folks,
> We've found ourselves doing a lot of telephone interviews lately and I'm
> looking for suggestions for a decent-quality (i.e. not Radio Shack)
> telephone recording interface.  We'd like analog line-level out that we
> could route through a sound card, MiniDisc, DAT or cassette deck and/or
> digital out if such a beast exists.
> Any thoughts?
> Thanks,
> andy
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