Cary Ginell wrote:
He may not have, but Albert Von Tilzer, his co-writer on the song, did! It was in 1942 at the 25th anniversary celebration of the birth of ASCAP.  
A small correction, Cary: it was September 24, 1940. Also, as long as I'm being a little pedantic, one item was omitted: Howard Hanson conducting his own Symphony #2 because (1) it would make the set run more than 4 CDs, and (2) there are many recordings of Howard Hanson conducting this symphony. Moreover, Dave Lennick claims that there's a lot of extraneous noise, not to mention Hanson vocalizing at various times. I feel that the sense of occasion more than justifies the release of this (albeit a bit redundant) performance.
Despite this one quibble, I find this set to be a mind-boggler, just for the immense amount of talent gathered at one spot! Whew!
Aaron Z