we had no room for a large CD player, so I bought one at Circuit City that has an attachment for autos, together with some connectors and we play it through our stereo syatem. Total cost was about 75.00
Joel Ackerman
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I must have really missed a whole era of CD players. Maybe some of you have ideas. My single CD Sony Player was purchased about 15 years ago and has always worked great. It's smaller than my receiver and part of my Stereo system which is in my listening room.
Only recently did it start acting strange on some CD and I found that it was do to two things: It won't play all CD-Rs which I'm receiving and it was not made to play CDs over 70 minutes or so and the later tracks skip or jump around.
So I went to look for a new one. I went to Circuit City and Best Buy web sites and looked under CD players. They don't make single players anymore but rather the 5 CD carousel players which a a bit bigger than mine but acceptable. There is a Sony and an RCA and a JVC That's it! And Best Buy is out of TWO of them. The Sony has no remote! Yeesh!
I know you can play CDs and CD-Rs on a DVD/CD/CDR player and these are cheap but I don't have a TV set in the room and like the idea of a display and other info on the player. Many DVD players only have on screen info. Besides I don't need many of the buttons on the DVD remote.
As I know Archives need CD players, though they will probably spend more than the $100.00 or less that I want, does anyone have any recommendations? Are we down to just 3 brands and models? I have my boom box one and my Discman but I want one that hooks into my Receiver and looks okay.
Any ideas? (I need to look for a new audio cassette deck soon too. Boy, I'll bet that will be fun as well.)
Steve Ramm