I just purchased Panasonic DVD S55 (S for silver, I guess.). This player 
will play just about everything. I comes with a remote, but doesn't have 
a headphone jack. If you go here: you will 
see it. I don't know really from whom it was purchased because I just 
submit a request and someone else tracks it down, but I know it didn't 
cost us more than $120. It works just fine for what we need.

I seriously considered some high end models, but after thinking of the 
player's use, I didn't feel I could justify spending that kind of money. 
Besides, the higher end players tended to not be able to do all the 
things this one does. I also need to take into consideration who will be 
using any piece of equipment I recommend for purchase.

The staff who have been using it think it is just fine. Besides, if it 
lasts more than five years, it will have been the perfect purchase for us.

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Everyone has a photographic memory. Some just don't have film.
--Steven Wright

When your mouth drops open, click the shutter
--Harold Feinstein, November 11, 2001

Photography does not create eternity. . . it embalms time,
rescuing it simply from its proper corruption.
--André Bazin (1918–1958)