RA Friedman,

Your decision on which speaker system would best suit your needs 
depends on a great many variables. The acoustic properties and size of 
the listening room are your first considerations. The purpose of the 
reproduction is another: headphones or small monitors for near-field 
listening are best when making judgments regarding noise-reduction. A 
greater distance from the speaker is appropriate when ascertaining how 
the end result will play in most home environments.

A few other things to consider: try using a monaural signal path 
utilizing a single loudspeaker for auditioning the final material. The 
complex phase relationships that occur when using stereo equipment 
(especially two speakers) can be the cause of some serious errors.

A very simple loudspeaker design that may be of interest to you 
(depending on your room) may be found at:

Check it out.

Stephen Dietz
Gramophonic Sound
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PS - Loved your site and the recordings.

On Feb 16, 2004, at 5:20 AM, RA Friedman wrote:

> Any recommendations for speakers to be used in a sound lab that 
> restores primarily old, worn 78rpm discs? I'm not doing restorations 
> to go on commercial CD reissues. I'd like to keep it under $500, but 
> might be convinced to go higher.
> Thanks,
> RA Friedman
> Yiddish-American Digital Archive