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Does anyone out there have any firsthand knowledge of how extensively 16
2/3 rpm was used on 12" vinyl for music (as opposed to spoken word)? I have
in front of me 2 VOX XL series records, each of which contains 4 full
length romantic concerti (one has liner notes claiming "1 hour 48 minutes
40 seconds of music").

Any comments or info would be appreciated.
I would be interested in the record numbers of any of this series that people have. I have VXL1 and have always wondered how many there were.
The other musical uses of 16-2/3 were the Highway Hi-Fi ultra-microgroove 7" discs and the 9 inch, large center hole background music service discs. I have some of the music service discs (but not handy for label info) but have only seen one of the 7" discs.
Of course the Talking Book records distributed by several religious groups often contained musical selections.
Mike Csontos