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Subj: Kindergartner's 78s 
Date: 2/26/2004 10:45:31 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: Mwcpc2
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I've just finished listing my accumulation of small diameter 78's and was surprised at how few there were.  For many years of thrift store browsing I've always poked my finger through the holes of the stacks of 45s looking for anything unusual.  I ignored the five inch colored plastic records since they are usually in such poor condition as to be unplayable, but have hundreds of 7" LPs.  However most of the children's 78s are ones I had myself as a child. I suppose a 7" shellac disc in the hands of a typical five year old would last about as long as a chocolate chip cookie.
In shellac at that age I had two albums of Dr. Sigmund Spaeth's "Little Masters," only three of which survived, and two Pied Piper albums, all but one disc intact.
A few are cardboard. There a couple of Picture Tone double sided folk song records by "The Merry Singers" and Christmas novelties by Record Guild of America and VOCO.
Vinyl is represented by single samples of Rocking Horse, Spear, Mouseketeer T-V, and Tops for Tots.
Then there are some cardboard cutouts from cereal boxes or books: Mouseketeer and Disney.
It doesn't seem that very much survived of this specialized medium.  What are other collector's experiences?  How many on the list still have the records they had at kindergarten age?
Mike Csontos