Dan Brickley did a REST-style web service for doing this very thing
(one at a time):

See the regular expression at the bottom.


Chris Wilper
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Thanks for clarifying this point, MacKenzie! Since I'm quite interested in
hearing how people get Adobe XMP out of their files on a batch level, I
think I'll go ahead and ask this question on the Jena group. If there's
interest, I'll happily report the results back to this group. If anybody
else already has an answer to this question, I'd love to hear it!




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At 01:21 PM 2/19/2004 -0500, William Lefurgy wrote:
>HP's Jena might be of some use with this.  It has an RDF/XML parser that
>is compliant with the most up to date W3C working drafts and is
>distributed as open source.  That about exhausts my technical knowledge of
>the package, but there is more info at .

I asked a colleague from HP who works on Jena about this, and here's his

"Jena can be used - I have seen question on the support mailing lists where
people do this.  Adobe's XMP format is RDF which Adobe embed in their file
formats like PDF.  XMP is actually is a restricted usage of RDF but that
means Jena's compliant parser can parse any RDF and RDQL can query it.

Personally, I don't know how people access the XMP within a file but people
do.  Asking questions on [log in to unmask] for other people who
have done this should help.

So - Jena itself does not provide the XMP data extraction in the toolkit.
Jena can parse and handle the XMP RDF once extracted."

By the way, we're building infrastructure here at MIT to deal with RDF in
general (starting with descriptive metadata) with our SIMILE project so if you have questions like this about RDF
tools, especially from the W3C or HP, feel free to ask me...


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