Looks like <location>, from the examples for MARC field 852 at

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OK, am working with archival documents, and am stuck on how to deal
with the collection info.  I've got:

1)  the archive

2)  the collection

3)  the folder and box info

The collection is easy: just the title on relatedItem "host" with a
typeOfResource collection value of "yes."

3 goes in location (though I suppose could be thought of as belonging
to part?).

Where does 1 go?  As a corporate name with a role?  As a part of the
location?  As a publisher?

Here's where I'm at there:

     <relatedItem type="host">
        <title>American Civil Liberties Union Records</title>
       <typeOfResource collection="yes">mixed
        <physicalLocation>MC#001 Box 1124 Folder 8</physicalLocation>