Hello all,

The National Library of Education Really IS still open, despite what
you might be lead to think by the library's website here:
<>.  The site says at the top in large red
lettering, "Archived Information," with no explanation.  I clicked
around and it looks like you can still search ERIC, order "ED"
Publications, and follow many, many other relevant links from this
"archived" page.

I called to ask what's going on, and when a reference librarian
answered the phone, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the place is
still open.  I asked if they had a replacement website and could they
perhaps put something on the "archived" site pointing to the new
version?  She explained that the Dept. of Education didn't have the
money to keep the site current, so they labeled it "archived," instead.
She didn't exactly have the "new" address on the tip of her tongue, but
after a few seconds pause, she provide a URL with current information.

She sent me here:
This is the Dept of Education's Institute of Education Sciences' blub
about the NLE.

The entire text of that page, minus graphics, headers, menus, and so
forth,  follows.

Betty Brown


The National Library of Education serves as the federal government's
primary resource center for education information, providing collections
and information services to the public, education community and other
government agencies on current and historical programs, activities and
publications of the U.S. Department of Education; federal education
policy; and education research and statistics. In addition to on-site
access, the Library's services are available by phone, Internet, fax and

Collections: The Library's central collection focuses on the field of
education, especially resources published since 1965, as well as related
fields such as law, public policy, economics, urban affairs, sociology,
history, philosophy, psychology, and information science. In addition to
a collection of over 60,000 books, the Library holds more than 800
English-language journals in education and related fields; the complete
ERIC (Educational Resources Information Center) microfiche collection;
archives of official print and electronic documents published by the
U.S. Department of Education; and histories and documentation of
education legislation passed by the Congress. The Library also serves as
a depository under the Federal Depository Library Program of the U.S.
Government Printing Office, making available documents produced by
various other federal government agencies.

Services: The Library offers on-site information, statistical and
referral services to the public and to representatives of other
government agencies and institutions; these services also are available
by phone, fax, Internet, and mail. As a participating institution in the
U.S. Government Printing Office's Federal Depository Library Program,
the Library provides assistance for locating and using government
documents. In addition, the Library works with other libraries to
support virtual reference services to the public, as well as responds
directly to questions from libraries all over the world, submitted on
behalf of their customers. In-depth research services are available to
the U.S. Department of Education staff and contractors.

The Library circulates its resources to staff and contractors of the
U.S. Department of Education. The public may request the Library's
resources through their local public, school or academic library; the
Library makes its resources available to libraries worldwide.


The Library is located in the U.S. Department of Education's
Headquarters Building at 400 Maryland Avenue, SW in Washington, DC, near
museums and other federal government buildings along the Mall. The
facility is only a few blocks from the Maryland Avenue Exit of the
L'Enfant Plaza Metro stop. Public bus service operates within one block
of the building. There are several public parking garages within a
2-block radius of the building. If you are planning to visit the
Library, you will be required to present a picture ID in order to enter
the Headquarters Building.

Hours of Operation

The Library is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., except
federal holidays.


National Library of Education
400 Maryland Avenue, SW
Washington, DC 20202

Telephone/Fax Numbers

Toll-free for All Library Services: 1-800-424-1616
TTY for All Library Services: 202-205-7561
Reference: 202-205-5015/202-205-5019
Government Documents: 202-260-5459
Circulation: 202-205-5012/202-205-4945
Interlibrary Loan: Same as Reference
Fax: 202-401-0547/202-260-7364

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