All the links I pulled up were dead. I'm running the latest version of Internet Explorer. What kind of files are they supposed to be? I've seen a lot of Real Audio files that didn't run properly since they were the default multi-rate but were being used in a simple server arrangement where you need single rate files. Unfortunately, the free R.A. software (Helix Real Producer) no longer allows you to create single rate files for use on a conventional server.
RA Friedman

Don Saklad <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Why would the player not work for the sound archives?...
of Boston Public Library at

BPL personnel are adamant about any difficulties being at the users'
end rather than difficulties of the player software. It does not
represent good customer services practices to put the onus on the

It's always a good idea to offer an alternate player just in case
a user would have difficulties with one of the choices.

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