At 12:01 PM 3/18/2004 -0800, Paul Jackson wrote:

>I'm wondering if the Project Gramophone and LCs American Memories will
>make price for a performance moot.  Certainly there will be libraries or
>more likely museums collecting these "unique" items and therein require
>establishing a value.  Will value be reduced when everything is
>on-line?  Just because no one can find one, does that mean the 10s of
>thousands of existing Montevanti recordings are worth more?

Absolutely not - there will still be value for the rare physical object
even when its contents are free. There is still substantial monetary value
in the Caruso G&Ts though there is yet another "Complete Caruso" in its
late stages. In some cases, the disc is of esthetic value (I kid you not!)
- as in the De Lucia's with his portrait.

Think of it as you would of books: a first edition of a classic has value
despite the content being in the public domain and available without charge
from Project Gutenberg.

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