Others will have more information about this than I do, but it seems likely
that anything in this collection of aircheck tapes probably exists in
better quality copies recorded in the concert hall by the Boston Symphony
Transcription Trust.

And of course, the BSO owns the rights to the recordings and the
performances, so Mr. Amirian cannot legally duplicate or distribute his
tapes without their permission.

John Ross
Northwest Folklife

At  3/19/2004 03:19 PM, Don Saklad wrote:
>Over many many years, Tom Amirian recorded what amounts to an
>incredible historical collection of off air recordings of
>Boston Symphony Orchestra broadcasts.
>Preserving the treasures on these recordings might be done through the
>good efforts of our community of enthusiasts !
>There are spoken intermission features.
>Some are reel to reel format. Some are cassette format.

John Ross
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