At 01:01 PM 3/22/2004 -0600, Karl Miller wrote:

>Most fortunate from my perspective. Yet, I wonder, who has responsibility
>in that instance. For example, I bought the Naxos issue of the Bartok
>Concerto for Orchestra with Koussevitzky conducting by purchasing it at
>  I had it mailed to me. Strictly speaking, was I breaking the
>law by ordering it, or was Amazon breaking the law by sending it to me.

As I understand the law, you were violating it by taking delivery.
Recognizing that I am not an attorney:

1. Amazon.UK violated no law of the United Kingdom by selling you a product
out of copyright in the U.K.

2. Neither the U.S. government nor any other entity has standing in U.K.
courts to pursue U.S. copyright violation.

3. By U.S. law, buying a product in violation of applicable copyright is
independent of whether it is a product legal elsewhere or a pirated copy of
something legally available.

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