O.K. Steven,

I did some research on the link below and came up with this info:

> Unlike most conventional spyware,'s Red Sheriff is
> loaded as a Java applet embedded in a Web page you visit. Once loaded,
> it sends information about your Internet usage (how long the page took
> to load, how long you stayed, etc.) to the parent company, supposedly
> bypassing firewalls, cookie blockers and the like. A number of
> Internet Service Providers have begun including Red Sheriff on their
> start pages, which are programmed to load every time the user logs on
> to the Internet.

If you or someone you know is aware (thanks, Steven) that it is on your
system this is a link on how to stop it:

Even uses it.

Rod Stephens
Family Theater Productions

Steven C. Barr wrote:

> Rod Stephen's post triggered an "Unspecified Security Warning"
> message...and in looking at it, the HTML content seems to
> run one or more Java scripts, including at least one sourced from
> (or so it appears).
> Were the contents copied digitally from a web site?
> Steven C. Barr