I have just gone through this appraisal process.  I have a 40 year old
archive of sound recordings that I did for my first documentary film project in the
Appalachian Mountains with Bascom Lamar Lunsford back in 1964.  I want to sell
my archive to an individual who donates to the Library of Congress, who
wanted desperately to have.

I had to find sound experts who is evaluated the archive from three
number one -- what is its intrinsic value of it?
Number two--  What money could it make if copied for music CDs and DVDs?
Number three -- Are there other ancillary values that can be added?

I went to an expert in the music industry connected to Butterfield and the
appraisal costs be $2000.  It was well worth it.

If there is any more help that I can be, just e-mail me.

Best Regards,
David Hoffman