ARSC list members,
For those of you at the conference who took an interest in my talk, there is
a surprising postscript
to it in that this email was waiting for me when I got back home. It
reproduces a recent article from 
CityBeat Cincinnati in which Darren Blase provides info about the Artpunk
records he's re-releasing,
including mine. It is past my signature. 
I really appreciated the warm welcome, fellowship and fun at this year's
joint ARSC/SAM conference.

David N. Lewis
Assistant Classical Editor
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One of Blase's most intriguing local projects is a proposed multiple 
disc reissue of David Lewis' Hospital Records output (including some 
cable access video footage) from the late '70s to the mid-'80s, 
including such long-forgotten art-damaged entities like BPA, Dementia 
Precox, 11,000 Switches and Teddy and the Frat Girls. Although the 
original pressings from these bands were extremely limited and not 
hugely popular at the time, interest has built to a fever pitch over 
the mere suggestion that this material will see the light of day 
again in the digital age. 

"There are those early QIZZ singles produced by Bob Mothersbaugh from 
Devo that are so good, they're amazing, but they only made 200 copies 
of them and you can't get them anywhere," Blase says. "It was all 
recorded at Group Effort (in Crescent Springs) and they still had all 
the tapes. They never threw them away. It ended up they had some 
unreleased stuff and they had six songs from Auto Glamour that never 
came out. That's when it started going from doing this one CD thing 
to 'You know what, let's create this complete document and just do 
it.' (Distributors) Triage and Forced Exposure are just going apesh*t 
over it." 

With Blase, the "apesh*t" factor seems to be of primary importance. 
He estimates that the label ultimately will lose money on the 
Hospital release, but for him the loss is secondary to the fact that 
the material will be simultaneously introduced to a new audience and 
restored to its original audience.