Could somebody lead me in the right direction to finding out more about
reel to reel players and tapes?  I am looking for information that will
help me understand the differences between 1/4 track, 1/2 track, and
full track, full-track mono, 2-track mono and stereo, 2 track-mono, full
track head and two track head.  

If a reel to reel player is described as 1/4" broadcast 2-track, what
does 2-track mean, as well as 1-track, 3 track, and 4-track?  In a
4-channel, 1/4" machine, to what does the 4-channel refer?  How about 2
and 3 channel?

I have seen many reference to setting the correct azimuth.  What is this
and how do you set it correctly?

As you can see I am very much a novice trying to learn.  References to
website or publications that would help answer the questions above would
be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


Jay Gaidmore
The Library of Virginia