We use CONTENTdm to serve image collections and to a more limited
extent as a page turner for books and manuscripts.  I do not
believe it will work with EAD, since it is really intended for a
different purpose.

It may be possible to jerry-rig something, since the developers
claim that it is xml-aware.  But for the most part this means it
can output dublin core or other xml records, not ingest xml.  As
I understand it, then only import format it accepts is tab or
comma delimited.



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On Thu, 25 Mar 2004, Kathlene Ferris wrote:

> Is anyone using CONTENTdm with EAD encoded documents to search
> across collections in various formats such as EAD and Dublin Core?
> If so, does it work very well with complex EAD docs that have several
> levels of hierarchy?
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