A question about the MARC to MODS mapping,  and a typo in the
User Guidelines:

In the MARC to MODS mapping for physicalDescription, the 007/13
(values a,p,r) is used for to determine reformatingQuality.  Should
the mapping also check that the 007/00 is "c" (electronic resource)?
Someone might crosswalk a record for a sound recording or motion
picture, which also use a, p, and/or r in the 007/13.  Or maybe
that's out of scope?

There are some typos in the User Guidelines where the MODS namespace
is given.  The MODS v.3 schema uses the namespace URL:

    <xsd:schema targetNamespace="" ...>

The XML Structures section of the User Guidelines says:

    <mods xmlns:mods: "">
The namespace URLs in the UG should match the namespace in the
schema, I think.  There's also a syntax typo, should be xmlns:mods="...".
The second example has the same typos.

It may also be useful to include the schemaLocation in the UG (though
it is already in the examples).

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