Network Bulletin No. 04-15

         Date: March 3, 2004

         Subject: Publications
         Index Term: Creating an Annotation and Brochures about machine-repair

         __ Creating an Annotation: A Manual on Writing and Editing Annotations
         __ has been revised and is being reissued.  First published in 1979 as a guide for
         NLS staff who write and edit book announcements to inform patrons about
         selections available from the NLS collection, the manual provides guidelines for a
         consistent approach to style and presentation of content.  The revised edition
         includes new material about treatment of bibliographic information and formal
         elements of style.  A copy is included for your review and use.  Libraries with
         recording studios may request additional manuals by contacting the NLS Reference

         Also enclosed are copies of two new brochures developed to assist organizations
         that participate in the NLS volunteer machine-repair program with recruitment.
         __Machine-Repair Volunteers Make a Difference__ (BR058) is for use by
         TelecomPioneers and has a detachable panel addressed to its Denver, Colorado,
         headquarters.  __Machine-Repair Volunteers Make a Difference__ (BR059) is for
         use by GE Elfun and has a detachable panel addressed to its Cincinnati, Ohio,
         office.  Both are available from your multistate center.

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         network on March 5, 2004.]

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