I want to thank the LOC staff for the constant support
you have been to AM fellows.  You really are there for
us.  You make fellows look great;)  I recently found a
great powerpoint on the LOC professional development
page.  I needed to modify it for a workshop and asked
Betty for advice and help.  Betty worked non-stop to
create a powerpoint that met my needs and worked
overtime I'm sure to have it finished for my deadline.
 The powerpoint was fabulous.  Participants had time
to browse the library resources and were excited about
what they found.

In preparing for the workshop I was surprised to find
so many new treasures, resources and collections.  The
LOC is a first stop for my research.  I love to direct
students to the exhibits and collections.

Thank you Betty, for sharing new collections and
keeping us up-to-date.  And thank you to the entire
staff for your strong support of education.

Peggy Walker
2001 Fellow
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> Hi Everyone,
> <clip from Laura Wakefield's message>
>    One of the memorable experiences I had in Samara
> was the opportunity to
> teach at the pedagogical University to all the
> students about to become
> history teachers.  I, too, used American Memory
> materials for that
> presentation in a photograph analysis activity.
> >As for my learning activities this summer, I am
> looking forward to an NEH
> >seminar in St. Augustine exploring the city's
> history for a week in July.
> Congratulations to all!  These are well-deserved and
> hard-won honors.
> Here's some food for thought for everyone....
> On one of the institute evaluations we asked what we
> could do to help now
> that everyone was going back home.  We received many
> answers, but the gist
> of the replies was to "Be there when we need you."
> We still are - in a
> number of ways - some obvious, and some not so
> obvious.
> One of the ways which may be new to many of you is
> our expanded video
> conference training program.  Check out:
> We started upgrading this program two months after
> the last institute in
> 2001, incorporating what we did in the institutes,
> as well as looking for
> new programs that built on the Library's skilled
> curatorial and reference
> staff and their resources (remember the visits to
> the divisions?).  The
> programs are free and available to all.
> If you are ever in a position where you'd like to
> 'reach out and touch' us
> via video conference, let me know.  I'm always in
> program development mode
> and would love an opportunity to work with you
> again.
> Happy Spring to everyone,
> Judy
> Judith K. Graves
> Digital Project Coordinator
> Library of Congress
> 110 Second St, SE
> Washington, DC  20540-4604
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