Good morning, all,
Peggy is in for a treat.  I was a TEA winner in 1998 and spent three weeks in Samara, Russia.  It was an incredible experience and I still enjoy the friendships and contacts I made there.  I know there are several other American Memory Fellows who also have participated in this wonderful program.  One of the memorable experiences I had in Samara was the opportunity to teach at the pedagogical University to all the students about to become history teachers.  I, too, used American Memory materials for that presentation in a photograph analysis activity. 
As for my learning activities this summer, I am looking forward to an NEH seminar in St. Augustine exploring the city's history for a week in July. 
best to all,
Laura Wakefield (1997 American Memory Fellow)
National Board Certified
Social Studies/History teacher
Neptune Middle School
Kissimmee, Florida