Hello, Matthew,

I have an opinion and while I think the machines are competent, I don't
know why one might chose one of these over the mini-disc or hard-disc
versions. I guess it all depends what you wish to do.

The two higher-end models will, I believe, record all four channels at the
same time. The lowest one only records one channel at time while the second
lowest will record two at a time.

I have a 414 MK II and it works. The initial small picture is NOT the
correct unit. the high-res picture and the manual have the correct photos.

I have purchased a Tascam 234 Syncaset which is the higher-end
recorder/player (rack mount) for this format -- I intend to use it as one
of many tools to extract information from 0.150 inch wide tape in the best
manner possible (most of the time, the Nakamichi Dragon fills that role). I
also have a Tascam 238 which is the 8-track version of the 234.

This, however, is essentially a Tascam-specific format and is not something
I would want to archive to. Nor is it really something I would want to
record to--although four-channel field recordings are much more expensive
if you step up from the 414/424.

On the other hand, if you're giving it to a kid to learn a bit about
recording, it's probably fine.

I think Steve S. and I are in violent agreement once again -- his succinct
reply captured my initial response as well.



At 09:20 AM 4/23/2004 -0400, you wrote:
>Tascam is still making portable multi-track cassette recorders--four
>models to be exact, one of them apparently a new release. Two of these
>offer 3.75 ips. Does anyone out there have any experience or knowledge of
>these machines? The link is below--you might have trouble finding the page
>on the Tascam site if you started from the homepage, as these are all to
>be found on a page labeled "personal creativity."