At 07:40 AM 4/7/2004 -0500, Karl Miller wrote:

>I wonder what you information you have to indicate an increase in the
>amount of material being cataloged. I wonder if OCLC and/or RLIN have
>statistics on this.

I am a rank amateur and therefore willing to speculate authoritatively,
pontificate without knowledge and otherwise offer my speculations as
studied analyses.

>As for cataloging digital information...I am not quite sure I
>understand what you mean.

I mean indexes (I *still* want to write 'indices') into a collection by
title, date, performer, collector, and all other fields which may be of
interest. Equivalently, identifying and extending keywords to be searched
where that is the preferable approach. It is one thing to index with cards
a collection of a few hundred titles. It is quite another to maintain a
digital database of fifty thousand audio recordings in a variety of formats.

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