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<< if the intent is to capture the audio as purely as possible, routing
the signal back out through the digital to analogue converters through
an inexpensive eq device which adds noise (just listen to it with no
audio signal running through it, noise) and phase shifting, then back
through the analogue to digital convertors adds lots of slight
coloration which you do not control. >>

It should be possible to use a good (i.e. professional quality) digital
external EQ device sending and returning a digital signal to avoid additional D/A &
A/D conversions.  I do it using TC Electronics Wizard (though I'm doing other
processing operations;  and the Wizard's EQ section is not adequately
flexible or friendly to use).  The best of these devices such as the TC Wizard will
allow storage of settings in memory (typically 100 or so settings).

Despite all this, I use and recommend the Waves products.  For one thing, all
your settings can be stored and instantly recalled to a session;  the phase
shift in their products is quite low, or negligible; and the numeric control
over EQ parameters (filter Q; cut-boost db definable to .1db; and exact filter
knee frequency) is precise and repeatable.  Also, for extreme cases, multiple
filters can be cascaded.  ProTools own EQ is woefully inadequate by comparison
and I ALWAYS use waves instead of Digidesigns own standard plug-ins.

Also, for the price of Waves, you will not find an external unit that
compares for sound quality, digital or analog.

Good luck!

Dave Radlauer